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The icing on the cake comes with the final song, Lullaby, which revels in some exquisite boy-girl harmonies recalling the finest moments of Damien Rice and Lisa Hannigan, which is about as high as praise gets in my book.

Lullaby perfectly showcases Walking Apollo’s talent in writing melodious and touching lyrics.  There is no doubt that after listening to this track you will be taken aback by the artist’s ability to set a somber and romantic musical scene.

Taccolini has proven himself to be a more than capable songwriter. If this guy was around in the 70s, he’d probably be a household name by now.

Now and then, there comes along a song that completely catches you off-guard. You don't know what to expect, “good or bad,” and then you hear it and you're like “oh my god.” Ladies and gentlemen, I give you one of those songs... “Glowing In The Dark” is deceptively brilliant.

Walking Apollo combines pristine vocal harmonies with warm instrumentation on the new EP You're My Pride And Joy, Etc.

Now, take a track like “Lovely People”, one of the final songs on the recently released You’re My Pride and Joy, Etc. EP from Walking Apollo. It’s one of those tunes that you can simply rely on to do everything for you, provide both a background and foreground of listening fodder, occupy the recesses of your mind as well as your conscious thoughts, and waver slowly unfurling visuals of lakesides and the gentle passing of currents rippled by the wind.

The relatable, overall vibrant and inspirational tunes on ‘You’re My Pride And Joy, Etc.’ present an overall passionate, soaring sound that’s fully representative of his engaging songwriting. Along with his and Rotondo’s pristine vocal harmonies and the band’s stellar instrumentals, the musicians showcase their natural ability in creating catchy hooks and authentic track craftsmanship.

What I really enjoy about this EP is that it has this sound which can be heard through each song but then is connected throughout the EP.   So on their own these songs are good, but when put into the context of the EP they make even more sense.

Upon listening to the first notes of the opening track, “Glowing In The Dark,” I knew I was in for a treat. Lead vocalist and lyricist Buddy Taccolini has created a beautiful, glowing song filled with soft strumming guitars and strings. This song is just hanging out on a beautiful Saturday spring day.

Gorgeously wrought, You’re My Pride and Joy, Etc. is at once tender, quietly bright, and oh so easy to listen to.

Walking Apollo is made for radio play – and nowhere is that more apparent than on the Indie Folk outfit’s latest offering, You’re My Pride And Joy, Etc.

I adore these songs. They feel like a love story, cinematic, truthful, deeply moving and very romantic. I definitely want more of Walking Apollo.

Walking Apollo's music is a breath of fresh air in an oversaturated world of bland pop tunes. His skill as a songwriter and singer is demonstrated by his capacity to establish a strong emotional connection with his audience. He makes a profound impression on us with each performance, serving as a constant reminder of the ability of music to speak to our souls and bring us together through our common humanity.

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